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Is Care Management
Right for You?


What is a Care Manager?

Care managers are professionally trained nurses and social workers with expertise in helping you and your family cope more effectively with the challenges that come with staying healthy and managing illness.


How can a Care Manager help me?

There are 3 main benefits to having a care manager involved in your healthcare:

Having a personal health coach: +

Care manager can work closely with you to help you identify ways to improve your health and wellness. What to do to either treat your health issue or continue to stay healthy is not always simple to understand. Even if you do understand what to do, the changes to be made can seem overwhelming. Having someone to work with you to understand your treatment or break those big changes down into more manageable changes over time until those changes have become habit. This coaching role has helped our patients feel supported and ultimately find the success they are looking for.

Improved communication: +

As your health care needs change so does the treatment that goes with it. Care managers improve the communication between you, your family and your provider to treat the medical, social and emotion needs that come from changes in your health.

Coordination of Care: +

When our patients receive care outside of our practice, it can be challenging to keep that care consistently focused on your individualized needs. Your primary care team understands you the best and needs to be included in this communication. Examples can include specialist offices, community resources, home care and the hospital. Our Care Managers will help you access and coordinate the care you receive outside of our practice and work to keep your needs the primary goal.


care manager helping couple stay organized

How can I start working with a Care Manager?

Start by contacting your provider by telephone or by email or during your appointments with them. Talk with them about your concerns and they will help us get connected.


Is there a cost to see a care manager?

Health care is certainly changing and so is insurance. We are participating in a demonstration with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and because of this demonstration your services may be covered without any cost to you. Insurances that participate in this demonstration are Priority Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Medicare and Medicaid.


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